Administrators are users with special privileges whose job is to, as well as edit, maintain the Wiki, stop vandalism and resolve problems.

Administrator's Guide

What are Admins and Sysops there for?

Administrators and Sysops (System Operators) are Users, but who also have the power to do more than general editors. They can delete pages, block vandals, help resolve issues and answer questions. They are the people to ask for help editing and about the Wiki.

What are Bureaucrats?

Bureaucrats are the next level up from administrators. They can make other users Administrators and Bureaucrats, whereas administrators cannot. There are not many of these on Wikis, as not many are required.

How Do I Become an Administrator

Administrators are chosen by other administrators or bureaucrats. Once you reach over 1,000 mainspace edits, you will usually be noticed by other sysops on the Wiki, and will become a good candidate for adminship.

Who do I Contact for More Information?

Please feel free to ask an administrator!

Sam1207 is a Wikia Contributor from Britain. He founded the iOS Gaming Wiki in September 2011 and also edits Wikipedia. Aside from helping out online, he also likes programming, music and gaming. Contact him if you need help with anything internet-related.
Shrev64 is a programmer and Wikia Contributor from the USA. He mainly edits the Sly Cooper Wiki and Angry Birds Wiki, but occasionally likes to help out here.