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Plants are used to repel Zombies in Plants vs. Zombies.

List of Plants

Plant Image Type Sun cost
Peashooter PVZ peashooter Offense,damager


Sunflower Sunflower2 Sun producer 50
Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb2 Instant kill,explosion 150
Wall-nut Wall-nut2 Defense,vaultable 50
Potato Mine Potato Mine2 Passive offense, instant kill,explosion 25
Snow Pea Snow Pea2 Offense, debuffer 175
Chomper Chomper2 Instant kill, 150
Repeater Repeater2 Offense,doubled produce 200
Puff-shroom 55px Offense,shortdamager 0
Sun-shroom 55px Sun producer 25
Fume-shroom 55px Offense,range-attacked 75
Grave Buster 55px Environment modificator 75
Hypno-shroom 55px Hypnotized zombies and put them on your side 75
Scaredy-shroom 55px Offense, hides when a zombie is in front, behind, above or below 25
Ice-shroom 55px Freezer, then Debuffer, very weak 75
Doom-shroom 55px Instant kill, environment modificator,explosion 125
Lily Pad 55px Supportion 25
Squash 55px Passive offense, instant kill 50
Threepeater 55px Offense 325

Tangle Kelp

55px Passive offense, instant kill 25
Jalapeno 55px Instant kill,explosion 125
Spikeweed 55px Passive offense, instant vehicle kill 100
Torchwood 55px Buffer, debuffer, environment modificator 175
Tall-nut 55px Defense, debuffer,unvaultable 125
Sea-shroom 55px Offense 0
Plantern 55px Environment modificator 25
Cactus 55px Offense, instant kill 125
Blover 55px Instant kill, debuffer, environment modificator 100
Split Pea 55px Offense 125
Starfruit 55px Offense 125
Pumpkin 55px Defense, buffer 125
Magnet-shroom 55px Debuffer 100
Cabbage-pult 55px Offense 100
Flower Pot 55px Support 25
Kernel-pult 55px Offense, debuffer 100
Coffee Bean 55px Buffer 75
Garlic 55px Defense 50
Umbrella Leaf 55px Defense 100
Marigold 55px Money producer, only money producing plant in the game 50
Melon-pult 55px Offense 300
Gatling Pea 55px Offense 250 (+200)
Twin Sunflower 55px Sun producer 150 (+50)
Gloom-shroom 55px Offense 150 (+75)
Cattail* 55px Offense 225 (+25)
Winter Melon 55px Offense, debuffer 200 (+300)
Gold Magnet 55px Collector 50 (+100)
Spikerock 55px Passive offense, Instant vehicle kill 125 (+100)
Cob Cannon 55px Instant kill and launches dealthy cobs of corn 500 (+200)
Imitater 55px Depends on plant to copy

Depends on plant to copy